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Wedding Professionals Toolkit

Wedding Professionals Toolkit

The Pandemic has been rough for many businesses, and one industry that felt the impact keenly was those in the wedding business.

Suddenly, people couldn’t have weddings like they could before. That meant all of the venues, photographers, caterers, florists that usually rely on that income were suddenly stuck with a bunch of empty summer weekends.

My friend Rebecca at Fantail Weddings knows the sting of this year. She is offering a week-long summit to grow your wedding business, genuinely connect with clients, and unlock a breakthrough for your business.

I joined her as a speaker in her summit to talk specifically about branding, which is especially crucial in this industry.

If you are in the wedding industry (or even if you aren’t), this free online series is worth checking out.

It starts May 25 and is free to join.

She’s got a full line up of guests. You will learn from other speakers from Jessica Zimmerman, Susan from Passion Flower, the very creative ladies from Sweet Root Village, Seva Mozhaev - an Australian Wedding Photographer booked out for the next two year by mastering Tick Tok, and ten other thriving business owners!

Don’t worry if you are not a wedding professional; there is excellent content applicable to any business owner looking to up-skill and stand out from the crowd in this new world!


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