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New Years Part 2: Why I’m focusing on simplicity in 2022

New Years Part 2: Why I’m focusing on simplicity in 2022

This blog is part two of two about my business focuses for 2022. You can read Part One here.

2022 is in two days.

What does that sentence do for you? Make you anxious? Make you feel relieved?

Regardless of what 2021 was like in your business, the New Year brings possibility. It feels like a fresh start.

I’ve been thinking about my 2022 goals lately. But before I got too far into goal setting, I started with what I want to focus on in the New Year.

There were two things that came to mind: connection and simplicity. My goals then fall in line with those focuses.

I talked about connection in a previous post. Today I’m talking about why I want to focus on simplicity in my business next year.

Online marketing has gotten more and more complex. We have to build out multiple funnels with freebies and upsells and down-sells and order bumps. We need to be posting on all the social media channels, going live, blogging and podcasting. We need low ticket offers and high-ticket offers. And you’d better build a course!

I did all of this in 2021, and I can tell you, my business got really complex. I have more funnels than I can count. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of all the moving parts.

That’s not to say that some of this isn’t useful or worthy of doing in your business. Because of the work I did in the past year, now there are many things that can almost run on autopilot.

Now that all of that is in place, I want to get back to a more simplistic approach.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in all the marketing tactics, we can forget why we are doing the thing we are doing in the first place.

For me, I work in branding and website design to help other women service providers find freedom and realize their dreams in their businesses. Branding and websites are business tools, sure. But they are also vehicles that can help us grow if they are done right.

I love watching women succeed and grow their businesses. It’s exciting to see someone go from struggling to flourishing. I want to help other women realize a dream they might have thought was impossible through their business.

So what I want to do next year is simple: 1. Help women service providers with their brands and websites. 2. Connect with them and others.

In line with this, I am holding a guest expert in my group, Service that Sells, Jan. 10-14. I have experts coming to talk live about business foundations, sales, content planning, website design (me!), and mindset. It is my hope this event will help you kick off the New Year with renewed growth and focus. Come join us in the group to attend!

So what about you? What is your focus in 2022? Send me a DM on Instagram and let me know!

Have a Happy New Year!


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