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10 color palettes you can steal for your brand

Color palettes you can steal for your brand blog header

Color is an important, but sometimes underestimated part of branding. It creates a feel and style to your brand. It is a huge part of your viewer's first impression of you and your business, so it delivers a message before other elements do. Colors have certain feelings and associations tied to them that we often don't recognize even as they are occurring.

I talk more about color and how to choose the right ones for your brand in this post.

But the actual process of sitting down and picking your brand colors can be tricky. You want to choose colors you like, however, sometimes that isn't the best fit for the message you want to send. How do you strike that balance? How do you know what colors go together? How can you create a palette that is effective for your brand?

A good color palette is versatile but cohesive. It has some dark and light colors. It has one color you can use as an accent color, with others that work well for backgrounds. But the colors still need to work well side by side.

Today, I am giving you some color inspiration with 10 palettes already compiled that you can steal for your own brand. My hope is I covered the gamut of possible brands so that there is something for every brand personality.

Simply download them below and use them across your website, social media platform and print pieces. This download comes with the CMYK, RBG and HEX codes you will need for various applications.

1. Forest and mountain-inspired colors

Forest and mountain inspired color palette

This palette includes natural and earthy tones that would be great for a brand that has those values. This could be a good palette if you you have a brand that has an earth-centered or outdoors message. But it also would work for a brand that teaches or sells related to growth or life.

2. Bright and Light Colors

bright and light color palette

These colors are soft enough to be subtle not bright enough to bring about a positive air to your brand. Use the poppy color for accents that call attention.

3. Naval meets feminine

Naval meets feminine color palette

These colors bring to mind the classic colors of things like the navy, or luxury brands, but it also has a pop of bright pink to keep it feminine. The light gray and white help balance the brighter and darker colors.

4. A slate of neutrals

A slate of neutrals color palette

I love a good monochromatic neutral palette for a brand. It is classy and simple, but still powerful. This one has just enough color to not make it look washed out. But the clay and deep brown also root it to add contrast.

5. Soft pastels

Soft pastels color palette

Soft pastels are all the rage right now, especially for photographer or wedding-based brands. This have a feminine quality, but still enough edge to not make it over the top girly. They look professional but subtle.

6. Bright and cheer

bright and cheer color palette

Bright colors are great for those who want to stand out unapologetically. Maybe your brand has some humor you tie into your messaging. Or maybe you love spreading hope and cheer. Either way, this could be a good fit.

7. Rich but elegant

Rich but elegant color palette

These colors would be great for beauty brands that want to be unique but still elegant. The palette has both rich colors but also a couple neutrals. Depending on how you use them, you could steer more to the rich colors with the soft colors as backgrounds or the soft colors as backgrounds with the brights as accents. Either approach would give your brand a completely different feel.

8. Preppy but pretty

 Preppy but pretty color palette

These are classics that never go out of style. This would work well for a brand that is bright and strong. The blue gives people assurance that you are a brand you can trust, while the orange and turquoise add an element of fun. Again, how you pair your colors together will affect the general impressions people come away with.

9. Luxury with some sunshine

Luxury with some sunshine color palette

Black and gray connote luxury. But the unexpected yellow ads a warmer feel to this pallet. I paired it with some neutrals to lighten up the darker side of the colors.

10. Monochromatic blues

Monochromatic blues color palette

There is nothing like some blues to give a brand a polished look. Monochromatic colors are great for sophisticated brands. They give an air of elegance that is also modern and refined. This palette has some unexpected colors mixed in to keep it from looking boring.

Take some time to think about the message you want your brand to send. Then choose the colors that support your message, and stick with them across every venue - whether that's your social media platforms, your website or your print materials.

If you are drawn to one of these color palettes, fill out the form below and I will email them to you with the codes.

Color is just one element of a brand that works to draw your ideal clients. Are you ready to build something that separates you out in your crowded marketplace? Let's talk.


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