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Three things you can do right now to improve your brand

Three things you can do to improve your brand graphic

You don't have a ton of time. Right now, you are juggling 30 things for your business, a husband, children, and your own health and sanity. And you are doing it like a super hero by the way. How do I know? Because you have all that going on and you are still reading a blog about improving your brand. I wrote recently about Why Branding Matters. But taking on a rebranding project might feel impossible. You don't have to do an overhaul to make some improvements that will draw in the customers you want.

Here are three small and easy ways you can improve your brand right now - without a complete overhaul.

1. Decide who your target client is and market to them.

You feel hesitant to limit your self to one kind of person. After all, you wouldn't turn a buyer down right?

The problem with selling to everyone is that you wind up selling to no one.

Just because you decide on a target client doesn't mean you won't sell to others. But deciding on who this person is will help you make sure your brand is reaching your dream client.

Who is the ideal client that would want your service or business? What age are they? What gender? What do they do? What are their interests? What are their challenges? Pick one person and then evaluate your website, your logo, your colors, your messaging and make sure they speak to them. Get rid of anything that doesn't. Keep what does.

2. Limit your fonts and colors.

Fonts and colors are two simple things that either make your brand seem chaotic or give it a cohesive look. Decide on two or three fonts that appeal to your target buyer. Use one for headlines or titles, and the other for body text. Above all, make sure people can read it! It doesn't matter how pretty it is if it looks like a hieroglyphic that people need to spend more than three seconds interpreting.

Next, examine the colors you have been using for your social media graphics, your print materials and your website. How many colors are you using and what are they? If you haven't chosen colors for your brand, spend some time deciding on a color palette.

There is a psychology to choosing colors, so choose wisely. People associate red with excitement, power and determination, while green has a connotation of tranquility, dependability and growth. Yellow means joy, happiness and cheerfulness. If you have a massage business, red might not be a wise choice. But red is a great option for restaurants because of the attention it draws.

Choose three to six colors that compliment each other, and stick with those colors.

There are three kinds of color profiles used in different circumstances: HEX, CMYK and RBG. Each uses numbers to specify a color. At least one set of color profiles should show when you open up the color wheel in just about any program you might use. I'll go into this more at a later date, but write down those codes and make sure you are using the exact color codes going forward for every application. This will help avoid having multiple shades of the same color across your marketing materials that don't match.

3. Audit your copy.

This might cause groans among those who don't like to write. But like it or not, your copy is a huge influencer in whether your customers are buying in or bouncing. I will talk more about this in future posts, but for now, download my free content writing checklist that you can use are you are reviewing the content on your website, brochures and other materials.

This is just a start, but just taking time to do these three simple things can help you take the first steps to a more cohesive brand.

Keep growing,



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