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Want to cut through the noise and attract perfect-fit clients?

If you’re a passionate service provider who is offering a transformative service for your clients ...

you need an irresistible brand to stand out in the crowded marketplace

This is for you if

You are a passionate service provider who has been in business for enough time to have developed your signature offer and have sold it.

You've gotten some traction with your offer and are ready to elevate your business to the next level. 

You know branding is crucial to your growth but aren't sure how to craft something that really works to draw your clients and aren't yet ready to outsource.

You may have made a pivot recently or added a new offer such as intensives, a digital product, you are ready to increase your prices or are niching down to a particular market.

You want a professional brand at a DIY price through a streamlined process that saves you time and gets you results.

Have you ever tried to shout in a crowded room to get someone’s attention?

The person you are calling to can’t hear you and all you end up with is a hoarse voice.

What if there was a way to grab a megaphone and get your message across? Imagine how you’d feel if your message was clear, your ideal client could hear you and they understood why they needed your help.


A cohesive, strategic brand is like a megaphone. It amplifies your message so people hear it.


You are brilliant and have something valuable to offer.  A polished and strategic brand can help communicate that to your dream clients and attract more of them with less work. It will also give you more confidence to know you can serve them well.


Introducing ...

The Amplified Brand Group Program 

Craft a professional brand in six weeks that will attract your perfect fit clients and get you to six figures

Introducin the Amplified Brand
Mock Up Simplified.jpg

I’ve taken everything I've learned from working for 10 years in branding to create a group program that will take your business from bland to branded.


In this group program, you will learn my signature 3-D Branding System (Define, Dream, Design). You will go step by step to create the elements of a brand that not only looks pretty, but works to help you stand out in your industry.  

You aren’t just going to pick some pretty colors and fonts. You will work to create a signature brand that allows your unique qualities to show through but also aligns with the needs of your dream client. You will have the accountability from the group doing this along with you. And I'll walk along side you as you do the work to help you stay on track and make the most impactful choices possible.


The end result? 


You will walk away with all the pieces of a signature brand that cuts through the noise and attracts higher-paying clients who you love working with.

The Amplified Brand

is the first group program of its kind that …

Aligns your brand with your target audience

The prettiest of brands may not appeal to your target audience. If not, what’s the use? I'll help you make intentional and strategic decisions so they actually work to draw the right clients. 

Provides personalized support when design feels tricky

Not a designer? That's ok. I will be with you along the way. Join weekly Zoom calls to ask questions and get feedback. You will also have lifetime access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with others in going through the program with you and ask questions between calls. 

Helps you launch your brand

This program will help you take the next steps in actually knowing how to use your brand once you have it. You will learn how to apply your brand to your social media, website and other marketing elements and the community will be with you rallying around you as you launch your new brand.


"If you thinking about it, definitely, definitely definitely, it is worth way more than what you pay for it!


It is definitely an investment that is worth every penny because what you get out of it is fully priceless. If you are on the fence, don’t be. Please do yourself and business a favor and go through this branding program. It's so easy it’s so natural and it really helps uncover you into your brand.”

- Tavia, To a T Coaching

Here is what is included in the program:


  • Define your dream client

  • Figure out what your dream clients wants

  • Hone in on what makes you different

  • from your competitors

  • Define your unique brand personality

notebooks for brand brainstorming


  • How to visualize your brand personality through images

  • Create a moodboard - includes moodboard template

  • Color psychology and how it can influence your buyers

  • Color selection with color tools

  • What are color types and how to use them

branding inspiration


  • Learn about the logo types and which on is best for you

  • Come up with your logo idea

  • Design your logo without making common logo mistakes

  • Export the right file types

  • Understand how to use it

logo design


  • Pattern  and texture selection to give your brand extra flair

  • Guidance in choosing the right fonts.

  • Create a brand guide to help keep you consistent - includes brand guide template

font selection


  • Plan your brand launch so it builds excitement and gets attention 

  • Launch calendar

  • How to stay consistent with your brand day-to-day to earn recognition and trust from your audience

  • Implement your brand across all your marketing

  • Launch your brand with the community

Coffee cup that says "begin"

After working through the above modules, you will have all the pieces of your brand ready to put to work.

In six weeks, you will launch the brand that will take you to six figures.


We will collaborate as a group to promote it, and I'll be there with you through the process to troubleshoot and answer questions.

And who doesn’t love free stuff?
Here’s what else you get with The Amplified Brand ...


Brand to Market

Once you have your brand, it's time to get it out in the world. Here is your step by step guide to marketing your biz to the right clients.

A $375 value

Copy of Digital-Product-Graphic-Mockup.p

Copysnacks Ultimate Web Copy Playbook

Get help writing website copy that coverts with this playbook.

A $250 value


Facebook Ads 101

Not sure if you are ready to run ads? Here are some key points you should know before running ads, how to create your pixel and steps to set up your Ads Manager. Provided by BeAltru.

A $47 value


144 Canva templates

Save time with 144 Canva templates instead of starting from scratch.

A $288 value


Website Windup

Every business needs a strategic website. Here are the things you need in place before you design your website so that it will be them most effective at booking clients.

A $225 value


Copywriting Video Training from Erin Pennings

This bonus also includes a free copywriting video training by Erin Pennings

A $250 value


The Ultimate Facebook Ads Checklist

Overwhelmed by the thought of FB ads? This checklist by BeAltru provides the framework of all the moving pieces necessary when setting up your ad! It includes a list of everything you need to plan, set up and launch!

A $197 value

Copy of Digital-Product-Graphic-Mockup (

Free Private Facebook Group

Need some help along the way? You will have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback, even after the program is over.

A $40 monthly value

This program made it so EASY to re-brand my business.


I recently rebranded it and quickly grew old of what I came up with and I realized after this program it's because I went about it ALL WRONG.


Now that I've taken the time to carefully craft every aspect of my brand, I have a brand that I love that resonates with the message I want my audience to feel. 

Everything was broken down step by step, and I loved all the awesome templates.

Tavia Sturgill
To a T Life Coaching

Hear Tavia's full story for yourself on this live interview on Instagram.

Mock Up Simplified.jpg

Module 1: Define (Value $280)

Module 2: Dream (Value $280)

Module 3: Design (Value $280)

Module 4: Package (Value $280)

Module 5: Launch (Value $280)

Bonus: A private Facebook group (Value $120 for 3 months)

Zoom calls for one-to-one feedback - (Value $300)

Brand to Market (Value $375)

Website Windup (Value  $225)

Bonus: 144 Canva templates (Value $288)

Bonus: Copysnacks Ultimate Web Copy Playbook (Value $250)

Bonus: A copywriting video training (Value $250)

Bonus: Facebook Ads 101 (Value $47)

Bonus: The Ultimate Facebook Ads checklist (Value $197) 

Total Value: $3,452

Retail Price: $1,400

Today's price: $797

Or two monthly payments of $450

Choose between the following options


  • Video Trainings ($1,400)

  • Zoom calls for feedback (Value $300)

  • $2,000 worth of free bonuses



  • Video Trainings ($1,400)

  • Zoom calls for feedback (Value $300)

  • $2,000 worth of free bonuses

2 X $450

Who's behind The Amplified Brand?

hey there,

I’m Alli of Alli Beck Design, a brand stylist and strategist, website designer and copywriter based in Sandpoint, ID. I’ve helped many business owners like you design brands and websites that not only look good but have a strategy behind them. 

I know you have something to share with the world. Let's cut through the noise and help you serve those you are meant to serve.  


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Fantail Weddings Logo
Ethical Direct Sellers Association Logo
This Mama Means Business Podcast Logo

Hear from other business owners who have worked with me

I realized early in my business, that to succeed you need to recognize what you don't know, not just what you know.

Lucky for me I was introduced to Alli Beck when I realized there is more to developing a brand than a great idea. In the last several years, I began to reconstruct with Alli’s personalized direction and creative knowledge.  The progress has been remarkable.  My website traffic has tripled,  she designed an e-commerce page to build my affiliate income, and I doubled my email list.

My website grew from being a static calling card to a sophisticated, interactive branded site with a collection of multi-well formatted pages.  


My team and I work closely with Alli, brainstorming in our quest to be the leaders in our industry. She has the tools and efficiently executes.  Alli does not disappoint.

Lisa Jacobs

Imagine it Done

Lisa Jacobs of Imagine it Done

I needed help getting clear and actionable steps on my business brand. I was looking for a specific direction to take and who my audience was.


The Amplified Brand gave me step by step directions, and Alli’s one-on-one help was so valuable. I feel clarity!!! 


The biggest win I had is not feeling overwhelmed when it came to marketing my business.

Ashley Peters

Ashley T Peters

There’s never been a better time to get booked out.

The best time to brand is when you have an offer that you have sold. The second best time is now. If you are ready to stand out as an expert in your industry and set a foundation for six-figure years, it's time to get started.

The Amplified Brand is for anyone who:

  • Wants to book more perfect fit clients with less work.

  • Is ready to elevate your business to the next level and set a strong foundation for six-figure years.

  • Wants to feel professional and confident in the image you present to potential clients.

  • Wants a streamlines process to a brand that gets results.

The Amplified Brand is NOT for:
  • Those who are looking for a get-rich-quick path

  • Brand new business owners.

  • Someone part of a Network Marketing business, which provides branding for you

  • Aren’t willing to do the work to improve their brand

  • Already has an effective brand.

Pretty desktop and notebook

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I can't afford the program? You can’t afford to keep waiting to create an effective brand. A cohesive brand that appeals to your dream clients will have a many-fold return. It will also help you be able to command higher prices in your industry. While good branding is expensive, bad branding is more expensive. It’s worth it to make the investment now before you get further down the road with an audience who you don’t enjoy serving. ​ My branding packages start at $2,100. So for a fraction of the cost, you are getting one-on-one direction and support from me and will end up with a brand designed to draw your ideal clients.

Do I need to sign up for this right now? I originally offered The Amplified as a course. I have shifted it into a group program and am offering special pricing for a limited time.  I will offer this program again, but it will be at a higher price more reflective of the program's value.

What if I'm too busy to finish the program?  Branding does take some time in the short-term. But it has long-term results. Let me ask you: What are the things that are keeping you busy right now? Are you constantly feeding the insatiable social media monster? Are you banging down doors to get clients? If you have an effective brand, you won’t have to work so hard at those things because you will have a stronger foundation to work from.  ​ It’s also important that you build not just any audience, but the right audience. Building an audience of dream clients will make it much easier to sell your service. If your brand isn’t effective at drawing your ideal clients, the work you are doing now is spinning your wheels. The earlier you start with an effective brand, the faster you will be able to build the audience who is right for your services. ​ But because I know that life can get crazy, once you purchase you will have access to all the trainings, templates, bonuses and Facebook group for as long as I offer it. You will also get access to anything I add to it in the future.

I'm not sure I'm ready for this program? How will I know? Do you want a magnetic brand that draws your dream clients? Then you are ready. The best time to brand is after you have settled on your offer. The second best time is now. I know that when you first start a business, you are likely scrambling to get it off the ground. Often branding gets pushed back behind all of the other tasks. I get it. But if you are finding you are trying to stand out and having a hard time getting traction, a refined and cohesive brand will help move the needle. Don’t wait another year to get that foundation in place.

How will I access the program?  I provide a wealth of training in MemberVault. Upon purchase, I will send your login information to access the trainings. Each module comes with materials to help you work through each week. Then, we will gather together weekly for lives in the Facebook group, where you can get feedback and ask questions. I will also offer zoom calls where we can have one-to-one conversation.

Do I get 1:1 support? Yes! I will be active in my Amplified Brand facebook group to answer questions and give feedback. I will have weekly Zoom calls for answering questions and providing additional training and feedback.

How long does the work take? The group program will take place over six weeks and includes weekly hour-long Zoom calls. In addition to that hour, how much you put into it is up to you. However, to watch the trainings and do the homework, it is likely an additional couple hours weekly.

Want to hop on a call to see if this is right for you?


Anna Filipski

Anna Filipski Counseling

Branding is essential before creating a website otherwise you are flying blind building a website, and I would consider it a waste of time and money. There is significant value in the branding portion of the process, and Alli is the essential piece because she provides the map and after you've decided upon your destination.

Everything looks and feels so beautiful, especially my brand board, color palette and fonts. Everything just works so beautifully together.

Meagan Mylan of Meagan Mylan Photography

Meagan Mylan

Meagan Mylan Photography

The process of working with Alli was fun and easy! She is so great to work with and really took any of my requests seriously.

Mary Perler of Petz Connect

Mary Perler

Petz Connect

Alli was VERY easy to work with. She was accommodating and responded quickly to my questions or feedback. She is professional, yet approachable, creative and talented. I trusted her recommendations, which has resulted in a final product that I am very pleased with.

Ready to craft the brand that takes you to six figures? 

Let's go!
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