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What difference does 3 percent make?

What difference does a 3 percent change make?

Years ago when I was working for a nonprofit, I was at a training with a team I was a part of. I remember the instructor talking about a 3 percent change.

Three percent doesn’t seem like much right? Why even bother making a 3 percent change?

The thing is, while 3 percent isn’t much at the beginning, over time the gap between where you would have been if you stayed there and where you will be over time gets bigger and bigger.

If you plotted a 3 percent change on a line graph, you’d see it expand further and further away from the original line. Suddenly, 3 percent doesn’t look too shabby.

Graph showing the impact of a three percent change

And the cost to make that change at the beginning is small. Meanwhile, when you think of it this way, the cost of staying the same starts to feel big.

I am confident that an effective brand will result in more than a 3 percent change for you and your business.

I've seen how it can tilt that line on the graph in a much sharper way. 

I guess the question is, would even a 3 percent change be worth it? 

Why did you start your business?

My guess is it is for freedom, for the sake of steering your own ship and for opportunity for growth.

A brand can help make that happen sooner. So you can get past this overwhelmed early stage and begin to hit your stride.

My course, The Amplified Brand, can help that happen for you.

The thing is, you only have a few more days to get it for my introductory price. After that, the price goes up. It might feel riskier then. Then you might not brand at all.

The real risk is staying where you are now.

Jump in and let’s see what percentage change it will make for your business.

P.S. I am very bad at math, graphs or anything related, so the graph above is for illustration purposes only, and not intended to accurately represent 3 percent.


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