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 Free Instagram Canva Templates 

Need help filling up your Instagram with professional and attractive graphics?

Canva is great, but its templates are tired, especially if you want to stand out. 

Have you ever used a Canva template, only to see it floating through your feed on someone else's account? It's like showing up to a party in the same clothes as a stranger. 

Not to worry, I've got fresh digs for you. 


Here are 44 Canva templates for Instagram posts and stories for free. 

Simply submit your email, and I'll send you templates you can use on repeat. 

Different styles for different brand personalities

Most templates come in one color and style that you can alter for your brand. I've done the style work for you.


My templates come in four different brand personalities.  All you have to do is pick the one that best fits your style, then change colors and fonts to match your brand. 

However, the beauty of Canva is that with a few tweaks, you can make any of the templates work for you.


These templates work for free or paid Canva accounts.

Bold and Colorful - IG post

Bold & Colorful

Modern and Minimalist - IG post template

Modern & Minimalist

Classic and Sophisticated - IG Post Temp

Bold & Colorful

Natural and Earthy - IG Post Templates.p

Natural & Earthy

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hey there,

I’m Alli a brand stylist, graphic designer, web designer and copy writer based in Sandpoint, ID.


I help women service providers design brands, websites and write copy that gets them booked out. 

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