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How to make your social media content go further

When I started managing social media for an organization I use to work for, it felt like feeding a voracious beast that was hungry every 20 minutes. Spending hours crafting valuable and interesting content for five different social media platforms, only to watch it disappear into the black hole of competing noise was discouraging. Especially when there was so much else to do.

It wasn't until several years later I realized: I doesn't have to be this hard.

If you take one idea and repurpose it to fit each social media network, your content will go further, and you will save time on social media marketing. Use the tips below to reach more people with the valuable ideas you have to share.

Here's how it works:

1. Brainstorm a list of blog ideas related to what you do and start with ONE blog post on one of those ideas.

Your blog is really the place to flesh out the idea. The most effective posts are 1,000 words or longer and include relevant key words related to the post. For every 1,000 words, you should include five keywords. This makes it more likely that when someone searches for your keyword on Google or Yahoo, your post will pop up.

Like anything you put out there, your blog posts should be relevant, high quality, error-free, well-researched material that helps your dream customer in some way. If you are going to spend time somewhere, spend it here. It doesn't matter how well you optimize for search engines if the content is sloppy. Make sure you have a catchy title that draws people in. Include an attractive image and add alt-text to that image with additional key words related to that topic. Alt-text is a tag you place on an image so that Google, which can't see images, understands what it is. It is helpful not only for search engines, but for people who are visually impaired. For example, on the image in this post, my alt-text tag is, "Save time on social media graphic." It describes the image but also includes keywords that people might search if they are looking for time saving social media tips.

2. Take a snippet from the blog post and post it on Facebook with a photo.

Once your blog is complete, with a killer headline and an image that draws people in, copy a couple lines from your post and use it as post for Facebook. Include a related image. Later in the week, just as traffic to your blog is dying down, share a link to your blog from Facebook.

3. Cut your Facebook post further into three and posts them to Twitter at various times in one day.

These can just be short sound bites that capture different angles of your idea. At least one of these should include a link back to your blog.

4. Reconfigure the photo with a catchy title for Pinterest and pin it with a link to your blog.

(Vertical pins are best)

Take the image and reshape it to be vertical. You can do this in photoshop, Illustrator, Canva or a similar photo editing tool. When pinning to Pinterest, make sure you are using keywords. Pinterest is a visual search engine, so hashtags are not useful here. Keywords will be your bread and butter.

A few days or a week later, reconfigure the photo and text and pin the post again.

5. Send out a version of the blog as an email to your list with a "read more" link to your blog.

Cut down your blog a bit and create an email for your mailing list that includes a "read more" link to your full blog post. At the bottom, include a "call to action." This is the next step you want your reader to take. Maybe it is to read the full blog post. Maybe it is to purchase a product. It could be to comment on your post. Or maybe it is to share on social media. There are a variety of next steps you can ask your readers to take. Mix it up.

6. Make a mini blog post caption based on your blog content for Instagram.

Similar to your Facebook post, take a snippet to post with your photo on Instagram. After posting, add a comment with 30 hashtags related to the topic. There are scores of hashtags available for every industry and niche. Keep a collection of them in Evernote or a Word doc and alternate the groups based on the topic. Make sure the photo you choose is in line with your branding so your photo feed looks cohesive.

Change your link in your bio to the blog post, and reference the link in the caption.

7. Create a FB live, Periscope or Snapchap video that covers an outline of your content in your blog.

Live streaming is a great way to capture your follower's attention.

People like the raw, unedited way Facebook live gives them a glimpse into who you are.

I know, it's a little scary to think about broadcasting a live video on social media. That's like putting out your first draft of your blog as you write it. But practice first, start short and then expand as you get a little more comfortable.

To advertise, start with a teaser post the day before. Say your post is about green smoothies, you could say, "Tomorrow I'm going live at 11 a.m. PTS to explain how to make a green smoothie that is healthy and easy." Then show up at that time and give a brief outline of your post, adding a few other tidbits about the topic you didn't cover.

So there you go!

With one idea, you now have nine ways you can connect with your audience and save time on social media.

This is enough to easily fill a week. In addition to your own posts, make 80 percent of your posts to social media be simply sharing other people's posts. Not only do you not have to do the work to create them, you will win friends who might be more likely to share your content. It's yet one more way to save time on social media so you can get back to doing what you love.

These are just a few ideas. How do you repurpose content?

Keep growing,


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P.S.S. I know this all can feel overwhelming! I've prepared a free checklist for you that will help you keep track of each of these steps here.

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