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Happily Empowered


Traci Conrad’s goal is to help women find happiness that isn’t dictated by circumstances. She was starting a business that would help them do this through online workshops. But branding, tech and website design are not her forte. 

First we created a brand that showcased the message she wanted to send. Then I applied that to her website that works to meet the goals she has. The project brought her out of her comfort zone, but she was committed to learning so that she could serve her ideal clients. She now has a brand and website that illustrates her message of happiness visually.

Services: Brand design, website design funnel design

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Brand Board

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Website Homepage 

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Sales Page

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Traci Conrad

Happily Empowered

"I'm excited that I have a logo! And my business colors and fonts. The website that Alli made for me is just beautiful and is everything I could want in a website. It represents me and what I have to offer. Of course, she did put me to work on the wording, the photos and the type of look that I wanted. Alli put my website together professionally. There is no way I could have done it myself and she saved me so much time with her knowledge on what to do next."

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