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My rebrand reveal

It is here! My rebrand launch is live!!!!

Yesterday I shared my new brand live with you in my group, Service that Sells. I let you into the thought process, feelings and ultimately the strategies that led to my final decisions.

What I loved about branding my own business was seeing the process from my client's perspective. I went through similar doubts, wondering how it was going to all play out. But in the end, I leaned on the process and what I ended up with now seems like a no-brainer. 

I talked about this and more in my live yesterday. 

If you are a female service provider who has seen success in your business but sees that there are gaps in your branding, now is the perfect time to rebrand. If you know the value of branding and want a professional who will partner with you through a proven process, I'm your girl. I'd love to sit down and talk with you about your vision for your business and how I can help. If that's you, book a call here

I loved going through this process with you! Thanks for coming along with me and sharing your thoughts and perspectives.


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