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Rebrand with Me Part 4: My logo design

Logos are one of those things that are given too much credit and not enough. 

On one side, people often think a logo is a brand. It's not. It is one piece of an entire suite of things that create a cohesive experience for your ideal client. 

On the other, people often thing it's an easy thing to create. "I just need a simple logo. It shouldn't take much time" is one line I hear from business owners all the time. 

Creating a simple logo takes much more time, energy and thought that simply slapping a complicated bunch of graphics together. It is an art that is best done with a strategy set beforehand. 

In the latest episode of my Rebrand with Me Series, I shared the process of how I designed the options for my new logo. I talked about the considerations and the thought behind each concept.

Curious what the results were? Come watch the replay.

Next week, I'll be wrapping up the process with the remaining assets for my brand. If you want to join me live, join in in my Facebook group.


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