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Imagine it Done Website Redesign

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Imagine it Done is a home organization company based in New York. I first met owner Lisa Jacobs when she needed a custom shop to serve her clients that allowed her to categorize her recommended products by room. I worked with Lisa and her team to develop a design and shop structure that helped users move seamlessly between categories and showed the various products in a streamlined way.  Lisa became a retainer client and I went on to help Imagine it Done redesign its website, rewrite the home page copy, write blog copy, create funnels for digital product sales, design email newsletters, and improve its visibility on search engines. Since working on search engine optimization, I have helped increase the site's keyword rankings from 200 to 5,878. On March 31, 2019, about 117 visits a month came from organic search. By May 31, 2023, the site gets thousands of visitors each month from  search.


Services: Website design, SEO, landing page design, funnel creation, email marketing, content writing  

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Website Homepage

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About Page

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Sales Page

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SEO work started in February, and within six months, the site’s keyword rankings increased dramatically.

Before SEO Work

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After SEO Work

Organic search traffic increased from 177 to 4.4k. 

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Lisa Jacobs

Imagine it Done

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What I learned in my business is to be instrumental in building anything , is you must recognize how much you don’t know, not just what you do know.


Lucky for me I was introduced to Alli Beck when I realized there is more to developing a brand than a great idea. In the last several years, I began to reconstruct with Alli’s personalized direction and creative knowledge.  The progress has been remarkable.  The ranking for keywords grew from a mere 200 to 3,544,  the e-commerce page was developed for affiliate income, and in creating lead magnet with email connection, traffic of my site doubled.

My website grew from being a static calling card to a sophisticated, interactive site with a collection of multi well-formatted pages.  

My team and I work closely with Alli, brainstorming in our quest to be the leaders in our industry. She has the tools and efficiently executes. Alli does not disappoint.

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