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The best time to start is now

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I’ve noticed something interesting that happens both in me and my potential clients sometimes. 

We start going down a road we really want. We get invigorated and excited about the possible future it could bring us. Then when it comes time to commit to the investment of time or money, we hesitate. 

The fear kicks in. The “what ifs” start turning over in our minds. 

I know this because this just happened to me. 

I got on a call with my business coach about shifting our work from a group program to one-on-one. I told her I want to make big moves and take risks in my business this year. 

Then, when she asked when I wanted to get started, I said. “Well maybe in a couple months.”

That seemed safe and logical, right? It would give me some time to save up and make sure I had my ducks in order. 

She said to me, “But you said you want to make big moves in your business. What would happen if you started now?” 

She is right. Now is the best time. Even when it’s scary. 

So I jumped in and I can already see how starting now is going to help me build momentum toward the dreams I have for my family and business.

The same thing happens when I sit down to talk with driven and ambitious women about creating  irresistible brands and websites. They know this is a foundational piece they need in place. They get on the call wanting to move forward.

Then sometimes the doubts creep in and they postpone. 

I fully understand those feelings. But I also know that fear is never  a good advisor in your business. Action is what brings momentum and clarity. 

The sooner you have an elevated brand and website in place, the sooner it can start working for you. 

Are you in that place that you are hesitating about investing in your brand? You know you want to take your business to that next level that will bring you closer to your big scary dream. 

But it’s terrifying. 

Do it afraid. 

Here’s what I know: Investing in yourself pays off. If you are like the women I work with, you’re a safe bet. You are driven to figure it out no matter what. 

What would happen if you started now?

If you're ready to elevate your brand, let's talk. Book a call here. 

P.S. Coming soon! If you've followed my rebrand process, you know that a new brand has been in the works for Alli Beck Design. I'm in the process of packaging it all up and will be launching the new brand February 28. I'm holding a giveaway in advance of the launch. Come join me for the party on Instagram and in my Facebook group!


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