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Camille was in the process of reinventing her business when she decided that she needed a new brand. She wanted an authentic and compassionate brand that was simple and feminine but not girly. Though she had an idea of what she wanted, she wasn’t sure how to bring it to reality. 

Through the branding process, we worked or hone in on something that would attract her ideal client and also send the message to them that they can be healthy.

Services: Branding


Lotus moon Moodboard.jpg

Brand Board

Lotus Moon Brand Guide.jpg

Print Collateral

Business Card Back.jpg
Business Card Front.jpg

Business Cards

Social Media Graphics

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Instagram Template_Quote graphic.png
Instagram Template_Quick reminder template.png
Instagram Template_Testimonial graphic.png


Lotus Moon

"When I started my branding, I knew I was going into uncharted waters and I needed to think bigger than before. I am thrilled with my logo. I came to Alli with an idea in mind but I LOVE my new logo.


I really enjoyed working with Alli. I am a difficult client due to a brain injury, so I’m much harder to deal with than your average customer! She was patient and willing to try different things/angles.


The branding process was work therapy. I told my husband though even if I didn’t use a single thing she created (I’m using it all)  it was still worth the money. I have a much better idea of my perfect client. More importantly, I have a much better idea of who I am, what my message is and what I want to bring into the world! So I found this experience invaluable and would do it all again!"

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