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Fleurtations Floral

Services: Branding, copywriting, website design, SEO

Fleurtations Floral Logo

I first met Jenna Sandin, of Fleurtations Floral in Coeur d' Alene Idaho, a few years ago when she needed help resizing her logo on her website. She had a Wordpress site that she was unsure how to manager herself. Something as simple as resizing a logo was a multi-step process that wasn't very intuitive. 

She knew that she needed to update her site as some point, but it got put on the back burner. Fast forward several years, and she reached out again. She was frustrated that her site didn't work half the time. She felt like it wasn't modern or up to date. The competition in Coeur D'Alene in the floral industry had increased, and she wanted to stand out. Her existing website blended in and didn't showcase her unique talent. She also wanted it to be simple and easy to navigate.

We started with her branding. She already had a logo but needed to fill in the other gaps when it came to her brand aesthetic. She wanted to be perceived as  having a distinct style that sets her apart from your average florist.  She was seeing a brand that helped potential clients perceive her as classy and high end but not un-attainable.

She also wanted a website that she could add portfolio photos to without having to constantly hire out. We worked to create a site on Wix that is worthy of her beautiful work and showcases her floral design in a simple way that users could easily move through.


Fleurtations Floral moodboard

Brand Board

Website Homepage 

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Jenna Sandin

Fleurtations Floral

"My experience with Alli Beck Design was wonderful! She explained everything so clearly and was very responsive. I can tell she really knows what she is doing. I would trust her eye and knowledge with my business advertising in the future."

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