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Hey service providers  ...

Double your social media following with half the work.

You know the drill...

You sit down to create a week's worth of content, only to have to sit down and do again the following week. 

It feels like feeding a monster that is never full, doesn't it?

What if you didn't have to do this anymore?

With the Social Growth Bundle, you won't. It's a complete package of templates and caption prompts you need to show up on social but without all the work and hair-pulling.

The Bundle does the heavy lifting so you can get to doing what you love while still growing your following and attracting new clients. 

Get instant access for only $27 for a limited time! 

Customizable Canva templates for sale

Here's what you get:

181 Canva templates + a 10-week content calendar

The Social Growth Bundle includes 181 Canva templates for Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, email headers and animated posts. Plus you will also get a content calendar that has 10 weeks of prompts using my Full Circle System that you can then use to continue to plan content.

Tell me if this sounds like you ...

Image by Elisa Ventur

You're constantly scrambling to come up with things to post on social.

You're graphics look DIYed. 

You know showing up on social media is important to grow your service-based business, but it takes so much time you find your self posting on the fly. 

So your social media is not getting the results you hoped. 

That's why I created the Social Growth Bundle. 

Now you can create professional-looking posts with compelling captions in minutes that get engagement and build your following. 

My Social Growth Bundle will

Save you time. Instead of sitting in front of a blank screen, all you have to do is change the text, colors and fonts to fit your brand. Download, add a caption from the prompt calendar and post! 

Give you confidence.  There's something about showing up with beautiful graphics and engaging captions that makes you feel like the pro you are. 

Get you engagement. The whole reason we all post on social media as business owners is to draw in our ideal clients. These templates and prompts are designed to get engagement and help your business grow. 

Save you money. Hiring a graphic designer or a social media manager can cost hundreds of dollars a month. Save money by using templates by a graphic designer and prompts from a copywriting that you can modify yourself. 

Less time + Better results

Most social media templates are either captions OR graphic templates. This bundle has both.


Imagine not having to scramble to figure out what to post.


With 10 weeks of captions planned for you and 181 beautiful templates at your fingertips, you will begin posting strategically without the stress.


The Canva templates come in five different brand personalities.  All you have to do is pick the one that best fits your style, then change colors and fonts to match your brand. 

However, the beauty of Canva is that with a few tweaks, you can make any of the templates work for any brand personality.


These templates work for free or paid Canva accounts.

What if you didn't have to spend hours creating social media content? What else could you accomplish in that time?

See the Canva templates in action

From this ...

Canva templates for Instagram

From this ...

Lux and Elegent Canva Template

From this ...

Modern and Minimalist Pinterest Template

From this ...

Canva Facebook Template

To this

canva aesthetic templates

To this

Lux and Elegant Facebook Post

To this

Modern and Minimalist Pinterest Pin

To this

Canva template for photographers
Canva Templates Mock up (1).jpg

Then pair the templates with prompts from the 10-week content calendar

10 weeks of content all planned out for you using my Full Circle System

The content calendar is filled with engaging prompts that build your authority and help you connect with your audience.

And it includes a system you can use moving forward! Once you understand the system, you can duplicate it and use the calendar to plan your content forever! 

 Plus with your purchase, you get these free bonuses 

Who doesn't like free stuff?
How to use Canva templates
Repurposing social media ideas

Canva Templates Tutorial

Skip the learning curve and get all the down low on how these templates work and how to use them to their fullest!

Social Drip System Checklist

Easily repurpose one idea into 15 different social media posts with this checklist

Included in the Social Growth Bundle for only $27

Canva Template-Product-Graphic-Mockup.png
  • 50 Instagram post templates (Value $50)

  • 50 Instagram stories (Valued at $50)

  • 25 Facebook Posts (Valued at $25)

  • 5 Email headers (Valued at $10)

  • 6 Facebook ads (Valued at $12)

  • 15 Animated posts (Valued at $15)

  • 5 Facebook Covers (Valued at $10)

  • 25 Pinterest Pins (Valued at $25)

  • A 10-week content prompt calendar ($200)

  • Bonus: Video Tutorial: (Valued at $30)

  • Bonus: Social Drip System Checklist (Valued at $75)


TODAY'S PRICE: $27 - Limited time pricing!

Hear from those who have used them: 



Thanks for these beautiful templates! Also, the content calendar is exactly what I was looking for!


Thank you so much for your templates. They are sophisticated and very useful. 


Many thanks for the terrific templates!


The designs are lovely! Thank


I absolutely love them! 


I have downloaded your Canva templates and found the designs helpful when looking for inspiration to send out into the world. Thank you very much.


Beyond thankful!!


Thank you! They look gorgeous.

Who is behind the bundle?

Alli Beck of Alli Beck Design
hey there,

I’m Alli a brand stylist, graphic designer, web designer and copy writer based in Sandpoint, ID.


I help women service providers create marketing materials that get them booked out. 

I actually enjoy designing graphics and creating content. So I hope to use that super power to reduce your overwhelm when it comes to social media. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canva*?

Canva is a user-friendly online graphic design software that allows you create all kinds of materials for your business. It really is the easiest way to create social media graphics and other materials for your business.

Does Canva cost anything?

It doesn't have to! Canva has a free version that you can sign up for and use. All the templates in this package will work for the free version. Upgrading to a premium version allows you access to certain features such as a wider vault of stock photos and elements, the option to resize graphics, background remover, folder organization and a content calendar. 

Will this bundle really save me time?

Yes! All you have to do is plug in your text into the templates and change out the brand colors to your own. Add a caption from the prompt calendar and you are done! 

How do I access my templates and content calendar?

When you purchase, you will get an email with a pdf that includes all the links to the various templates. Simple click on the link and then on "use template" and it will create a copy in your account that you can edit. 

What can I customize?

Everything in each of the templates is customizable to your brand. Change out the photos, colors, fonts and elements to your liking. Your package includes a video tutorial on how to do this. The beauty of these templates is that they come in certain brand personalities and styles, but any of them can be edited to work for your brand and repurposed for other social media platforms.  

I'm a product based business. Will this bundle work for me?

Yes! Though designed them with service based businesses in mind, these templates would work for any business. You can customize the text to fit any sale, product promotion or event you are marketing. 

How can I get help?

If you are having trouble, simply reach out to me at

*This is an affiliate link, which means if you sign up for a premium account, Alli Beck Design will receive a small cut at no cost to you.

Here is what you get:

Untitled design.png
Canva templates for reel.png

Who is the Social Growth Bundle for? 

  • Service providers such as accountants, health coaches, hair stylists, photographers, copywriters, developers, lawyers, travel agents, wedding planners, virtual assistants, business coaches, doulas, event planners, makeup artists, nutritionists, sleep consultants, home organizers, chefs or meal planners.

  • Content creators including bloggers, podcasters,  and YouTubers.

  • Course creators.

  • Social media managers.

  • Soloprenuers who want to build their social media presence while looking professional and saving time.

How it works



Click the button below to make your purchase.



A PDF will be delivered to your inbox. Download the file and click on any link to the templates or prompt calendar.



A browser tab will open with a link to copy the templates to your own account. Customize and download.

Refund policy

Due to the nature of these digital products, it is impossible for me to guarantee a return so  I don't offer refunds for the Social Growth Bundle. However, at such a low price for all you get, you can't go wrong. 

Imagine showing up on social like the pro that you are and attracting your dream clients with less work.

Don't spend another year pouring hours into social media creation without results. 

Build your following and your business now with the Social Growth Bundle.

This price is available for a limited time. 

The Social Growth Bundle:

Canva Template-Product-Graphic-Mockup.png
  • 50 Instagram post templates (Value $50)

  • 50 Instagram stories (Valued at $50)

  • 25 Facebook Posts (Valued at $25)

  • 5 Email headers (Valued at $10)

  • 6 Facebook ads (Valued at $12)

  • 15 Animated posts (Valued at $15)

  • 5 Facebook Covers (Valued at $10)

  • 25 Pinterest Pins (Valued at $25)

  • 10-week caption prompt calendar ($200)

  • Bonus: Video Tutorial: (Valued at $30)

  • Bonus: Social Drip System Checklist (Valued at $75)



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