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Anna Filipski Counseling


Anna Filipski came to me at a time she was transitioning her therapy practice to private pay. She needed marketing that stood out as she made the shift from working through insurance companies to directly to consumers. 

Anna has been in practice for 20 plus years and had a clear idea of her target market.This helped in crafting a brand that resonated with her perfect-fit clients. She wanted her branding and website to resonate with her target market and make them feel seen and heard. Her hope was that these marketing assets would portray her as trustworthy, professional and genuine.

We worked together to craft a complete brand suite, website and copy to accomplish this.

She was nervous at the start, wondering how it was all going to come together. But the end result was beyond her expectations, she told me.

Services: Branding, Copywriting, Website design, SEO

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Brand Board

Anna Filipski Brand Guide.jpg

Print Collateral

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Business Cards



Website Homepage 

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Anna Filipski Counseling

"Branding is essential before creating a website otherwise you are flying blind building a website and I would consider it a waste of time and money.  There is significant value in the branding portion of the process and Alli is the essential piece because she provides the map and after you've decided upon your destination.


Everything looks and feels so beautiful, especially my brand board, color palette and fonts.  Everything just works so beautifully together. I am feeling more hopeful that my ideal client can and will find me and realize that I am a good fit for them simply by looking through my website."

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