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How delaying a website project is costing you

how delaying a website project is costing you

Expanding your brand without a website in this era is like expecting good grades without studying. It all just comes down to luck.

If you are new to business, then it’s not a bad idea to take some time to build your brand and sort out your options before starting a website design. Canva portfolio, landing pages, or even social media platforms can work in the interim. But those should be temporary solutions.

For those who have been in business for a while, a website is a crucial asset in your marketing tool belt.

I’ve heard women service providers give different reasons as to why they are delaying a website project. Common ones usually revolve around waiting for more clients to pay for the website, getting things in order first, and struggling with the technology, fear, and uncertainty.

The truth is, fear is a terrible advisor in your business.

Delaying a website is costing you the 3 C's every business needs to grow, and those are; clients, clarity, and credibility. Here’s how:

1. Delaying a website is costing you clients

It is good to be financially responsible and think about your assets before taking on a website design project. But delaying it in hopes that more clients will come and then you will start your website is not the answer.

In fact, it is going to cost you clients who need a website as an assurance to book your services. You are also losing clients who might accidentally stumble on your website in the meantime.

Some clients take a lot of time to buy even with a website. If you don’t have one, it can take longer or they might not even book at all.

While booking a project before a client feels risky, risk is a part of business. Having a strategic website that acts as a 24/7 sales person for your brand will help book new clients and build your business.

2. Delaying a website is costing you clarity.

Many of you delay a business website because you are stuck in the process of picturing a clear image of what your ideal clients want and making everything perfect. That’s not how you get clarity on what works for your clients and what doesn’t.

Clarity comes when you put a website out there, experiment, adapt, and see what is working with your clients.

Progress doesn't come by thinking, it comes by doing.

So rather than waiting for the right moment and making everything perfect, start messy and try out new things.

3. Delaying a website project is costing you credibility.

There is a perception of credibility associated with businesses that have a website. Delaying it is costing you that credibility.

Who are you most likely to think of as an expert in a field: someone who just has a Canva portfolio or someone with a well-structured robust website?

Speaking from experience, most people prefer hiring someone with a websites because they offer a deeper connection and more value. Websites give people a full understanding of your business and what you do. They give them the confidence to invest and ensure trustworthiness.

If you are ready to gain clients, clarity, and credibility and have a website to redesign, book a free call here. I’d love to hear more about the vision you have for your business and how we can create a site that gets you there.


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