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How to build branding into your social media routine

How to build branding into your social media routine

If you wanted to get in shape, you probably wouldn’t expect to work out one time and suddenly turn into Jillian Michaels.

The same goes for an irresistible brand.

Branding isn’t just a one-time process that you then set aside. Certainly a one-time process is important to establish your brand. But once you have that part done, an irresistible brand is built through consistency in applying that brand over time.

Social media is one of the opportunities to put your brand on display. That’s why it is important to build your brand into your social media routine.

Here’s how you can make sure you are applying your brand consistently.

1. Make the decision to use your brand elements in your social media posts.

Consistency is a discipline.

Often people go through a branding process, but then don’t use the elements of their brand.

The idea of a brand is that once you have it established, you stick to it.

This means, using only your brand fonts in your social media. Using your brand colors consistently and not adding too many extras. This is also being consistent with your messaging and who you speak to.

Being consistent with your colors, fonts and messaging is what will steadily help people recognize you over time as they scroll through your feed. If you don't hold to your branding, your posts will blend in.

There are a few accounts I follow that I immediately recognize because of the consistency they have kept with their branding. I don't always know the person’s name, but I immediately know the brand and what they do. And it tends to make me stop and read what they have to say.

You want to be that person for others.

2. Create a brand guide.

After your branding process, create one document where you compile the exact hex codes for your colors, your fonts, your logo, your patterns and all the other elements of your brand. You can include things like your vision statement, your position statement or your values and other aspects that set you apart.

Then as you are creating content for your social media accounts, make sure you keep your brand guide close and use the elements of your brand.

A brand guide is great to have on hand when you start outsourcing aspects of your business. You can hand it to contractors or employees so they know what your brand includes and they use it as well.

3. Store your brand elements in the software you use to create social media graphics.

Whether you use Canva, Adobe, or something else, storing your colors and fonts in those programs for easy access will make it more likely you will use them.

The Canva free account allows you to store three colors in your account, as well as a couple fonts. If you upgrade to premium, you can add as many colors as you want and keep your logo on hand.

4. Stay consistent even when you get bored.

If you are bored with your brand, you are doing something right.

It will feel repetitive to you. You will feel like you are saying the same things over and over. You will get a little sick of your colors. You will see other fonts float by and be tempted to branch out.

It doesn’t feel like this to the outside.

This is the point that your brand is building recognition. If you switch everything up now, you will only confuse people.

This doesn’t mean that your brand won’t evolve over time to a certain extent. But make sure that you are making conscious, thoughtful decisions about changes you make. Ones that are made out of strategy rather than impulse.

The path to an irresistible brand isn’t always glamorous. But it will get results in the end.

It is after your brand is established through discipline and consistency that your posts will be more likely to be scroll stoppers.


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