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Polished Professional Services

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Polished Professional services is a professional development business and staffing agency.  Owner Kayla Gant had attempted to hire an online web design service, but ended up with something that didn't reflect her brand or the style she was going for. 

Kayla  was looking for a website design that is feminine but professional for her new business that helps people find their dream career. She needed something that clearly explained what she did and how it works to potential clients. Our challenge was that she has two different audiences: people looking for their dream job and employers. Our goal was to create a clear path for the different audiences to know where to go to find what they need. We wanted it to be clear and understandable what she offered and how it worked. 

Over the course of the project, I wrote her website copy, created a website map that matched our strategy and goals for the site, and designed the website. 


Kayla's response to her new site was, " This is gorgeous! I could cry! It exceeds expectations!"

Just weeks after her new website launched, someone found her online and said when they were presented with two options, they booked her because of her website. 

Services: Copywriting, website design.

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Website Homepage 

Polished Professional services home page needed to be a place that filtered her two audiences in the right direction. It also needed to be somewhere that clearly introduced Kayla and what she offered. She wanted it to reflect her brand and look professional. 

Polished Professional Home Page Website Design

About Page

As I usually tell my clients, your about page needs to be about your ideal client as much as it is about you. Here we addressed the pain points of her audiences and how she could help them. Then we direct them to the services page, where each can find the services applicable to them. 

But we also wanted to tell a little of Kayla's story as well and give some information about the background that helps qualify Kayla for her work. 

Polished Professional Services About Page Design

Services Page

On the services page, we dig into a little bit more about the nuts and bolts of how she helps her ideal client. We also spell out her packages clearly so that people can select which option works best for them. 

Polished Professional Services Services Page

Kayla Gant

Polished Professional Services

"I didn't have an online presence. I now have a beautiful website to refer my clients to! Alli is very kind and asks very good questions. She took the time to understand my business. She is timely and very attentive to to details, and viewer flow."

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