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Meagan Myland Photograpy logo design

Meagan is a  spunky and talented photography in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area. She was looking for a rebrand and logo design to better reflect her personality and give her brand a more professional feel. In our discovery session, she mentioned she had "real life behind the lens" as a description on her Instagram profile. That became a piece of inspiration as I developed her branding. The shape of her logo is inspired by the clean sharp shape of a camera aperture, but with elements that represent the messiness and beauty of real life. 

Services: Branding, logo design, business card design, stationary and social media graphics.


Megan Mylan Moodboard.jpg

Photo credits: Vase | Geographic texture | Living Room | Fish | Copper pans | Copper Bathtub | Woman in Black 

Brand Board

Brand Board_Meagan Mylan_PORTFOLIO.jpg

Print Collateral

Meagan Myland Business Card2.jpg
Meagan Mylan Business Card.jpg

Business Cards

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Thank You Cards


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Social Media Banners

Facebook cover photo_Meagan Mylan Photog
Facebook cover photo_Meagan Mylan Photog
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Meagan Mylan

Meagan Mylan Photography

"The process of working with Alli was fun and easy! She is so great to work with and really took all of my suggestions seriously."