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Laughs for Life


Yvonne Dalke had an idea but wasn’t sure how to bring it to fruition. She needed a site that could not only bring an element of professionalism to those she marketed to, but also house a membership she could sell. 

We started with branding and created something with a light hearted, joyful feel. I then applied the brand to her website and created a portal that users could log in to to access their membership. The end result reflected her goal to bring joy and laughter one smile at a time.

Services: Branding, Copywriting, Website design, SEO

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Laughs for LIfe Moodboard.jpg

Brand Board

Laughs For Life Brand Guide.jpg

Print Collateral

Business Card_back.jpg
Business Card_front.jpg

Business Cards

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Rack Card

Laughs for Life Rack Card.jpg
Laughs for Life Rack Card2.jpg

Video Thumbnails


Website Homepage

Laughs for Life Website.jpg

Membership Sales Page

Laughs for Life_Membership Sales page.png
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