Set the foundations of your brand and make it speak to your dream client

Do you struggle to attract your dream clients?

Are you confused about how to build a brand that captures your vision for your business? 

Do you know you need to brand, but not sure how to get started?

Introducing my Brand Define Workshop! 

In this workshop, I will talk about the three pillars of branding and how to establish the foundations of your brand.


I will be releasing the first workshop in January for FREE (after that it will be a paid workshop).Sign up now to secure your spot.


Your brand is the difference between confusion and clarity for your dream client

So often when I ask clients about who their target market is, they say, "Everyone!  I don't want to leave anyone out."


While the desire to be inclusive is good, it isn't helping anyone. There is a saying in marketing that goes, "If you sell to everyone, you sell to no one."


Selling to everyone just results in a watered down, vanilla presentation of who you are and what you do. 


The truth is, there is a type of person who would benefit most from what you have to offer. They are the one with the problem that you solve. They are the perfect fit for your unique skills and abilities. 


Focus on that person. 


Chances are, in the process, you will attract other types of people, which is great. But if you don't sell to the person you are meant to serve, you won't capture their interest. 


Your brand, you copy, the feel and style of your brand has to resonate with your ideal client. Otherwise, they won't know that you are the solution to their BIG problem. 


In a very noisy world, you have to be clear to that person that you have a transformation in store for them and tell them what that transformation is. 

That's why I am offering the Brand Define workshop. This workshop is designed to help you set the foundations of your brand. 

As an inaugural member, you will receive access to this workshop for $97 dollars and get my bonus Brand Workbook. The workbook is a great tool that will help you work through some crucial questions for your business as you begin to build your brand. 

In this workshop, you will ...

Define your ideal audience

We will help you hone in on who that ideal audience. This isn't just about picking some demographic  information. It's about figuring out how you can help a person in a specific place make a specific transformation.

Hone in on what makes YOU unique

You are probably competing with a large number of people who do what you do. So we need to figure out what makes you stand out from the crowd.


Start the process of making decisions about your brand's look and feel

The elements of your brand will create a cohesive look that build trust among your followers.

I’m Alli of Alli Beck Design, a brand stylist, graphic designer, web designer and copy writer based in Sandpoint, ID. I’ve helped many business owners like you design a website that not only looks good but has a strategy behind it. 

At previous employers, I've been in your place before - wanting an effective website for the business. But I often had frustrating encounters with developers who made a website function but not something that actually looked good or worked to meet the goals I had at the time. That was part of what led me down the path to designing websites for others. 

I made this quiz for business owners who are considering a website but are not sure what their first steps should be. It will help you figure out where you stand and then the results will guide you through the next steps best for you and your business.

hey there,

Sam Von Fange

Blue Oak Construction

Alli Beck takes the time to understand your product and designs your marketing around your process. She has a great eye for detail and is quick to understand the vision you want for your company. I have highly recommended her to others and would do the same for anyone else needing her services in the future.

Bob Savage

World Relief

Working with Alli Beck Design has been a great experience. Alli is easy to communicate with, works fast, makes pretty stuff, and gives good advice on marketing issues beyond what a typical graphic artist would know.

Zak Sommers

Partners International

Alli took the time to listen to the vision for our design. She took intentional time to listen and ask questions to make sure she knew the heart behind what we were doing. Alli's design helps tell our story. In a world of facts and figures, stories are needed more than ever. I would highly recommend working with Alli on your next project. It was great to work with a person who really cares about their work and our story.

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