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Blue Oak Construction

Blue Oak Construction and Real Estate is a Napa-based construction company that works with home buyers to help them purchase a home with renovation in mind. 

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You want a home with the big kitchen. You want a home where you can plant flowers. You what a home with the walk in closet.

You want your dream home.

The problem is, the houses on the market in Napa Valley are either out of your price range or require additional shopping for contractors to shape them into your vision. Blue Oak Real Estate and Construction offers a unique solution that will save you money and help you find the Napa home that meets your family’s needs. We work in partnership with your Realtor to help you find a home with renovation in mind. Then Blue Oak will remodel it for you – all within your budget. The result is a streamlined path to your perfect house for your preferred cost. Through Blue Oak, your dream home is within reach.

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As you look around for homes, you find that many are “almost perfect.” There is the one with the great view, beautiful master bedroom but the funky kitchen. Another has a beautiful kitchen in an ideal location but is covered in shag carpet. The upside of renovation is you get to choose the flooring or the kitchen hardware. With Blue Oak, you can confidently buy the almost perfect home knowing that we will shape it into your version of perfection.


We start by working closely with your Realtor to assess the home even before you put in an offer. Once the house is yours, your vision can become reality. Not only will you get an updated home, but one where you have chosen everything from the countertops to flooring to hardware.


Quality work within budget is our foremost priority in taking on your project. We only work with the best subcontractors in Napa Valley. Our 15 years of experience in construction management, renovation and landscaping have shown us what works and what doesn’t.


Any construction project is bound to have unexpected hurdles. You need someone who is committed to standing by you and overcoming them. Blue Oak is your partner in every step of the way. Our goal is your satisfaction, from the time we start the project to the final walk through.


Ask your Realtor about working with Blue Oak today.

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